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What do I need to do to get approved to access the portal?

Getting access to the portal is very simple. Go to YLabs Developer Portal and create an account with your full name, company name and email address.

Once you create an account, our teams will receive a notification that you are waiting for your access. In most cases, the teams approve your access within 12-24 hours.

How do I obtain a token to access the APIs on the portal?

When our teams receive the request for approval of your account, they generate a new and unique API token for your account. They send out a notification to you letting you know that your account has been approved and handing over the token to you at the same time.

What is the 7-day trial account?

Your 7-day trial account gives you free access to the full API stack and documentation. We give you 7 days to try us out and then if you like us and feel we have what it takes to build your digital banking product or application, you can upgrade to a paid account, buy API packs, get more of your developers enrolled and move to production with sponsorship from our banking partners. 

Please contact us to know more about upgrading your plan.

I am too busy for the 7-day trial right now. Can it be put on hold and be used later?

Yes, absolutely!

Your account has been approved, you have been assigned credentials and have been provided free access to our developer portal for seven days. If your team is too busy to look at the documentation and try our APIs in the next seven days, no problem. Just let us know. We'll put your seven-day trial on hold and activate it for you whenever you are ready. We'll be able to re-enable you very quickly.

How can I upgrade my account?

When you are ready, please contact us at to discuss upgrade options, contracts and invoicing.

Who can access my data?

No one, other than you, will be able to access your data. Your unique token ensures data segregation and allows us to protect it. Please do not share your token with others. One or multiple members of your team can create accounts on the portal and get their own API tokens However, if you have multiple team members and tokens, that continue to work in the sandbox after a duration of time, you will be charged a per developer fee.

What measures are taken for data protection?

First, access to the portal is strictly based on account sign up and approval process, with every account holder getting their unique token to access the APIs.

Second, upon account upgrade, you will provide us with an IPv4 static IP address that we can whitelist at our end. Access will only be allowed through the white-listed IP address. IP white-listing policy on sandbox has been mandated on the platform by CBW Bank to ensure that we provide you a sandbox environment as secure as a production environment.

Lastly, and most importantly, we partner with a bank and must have all security measures in place to protect customer data. We are PCI compliant and we follow high standards of data security to ensure that your data is protected.

I want to access the APIs from outside the YLabs Developer Portal. What do I need to do?

Please contact us for the Developer Set-Up form. This is a very short form in which you will give us the IP addresses that you want to use for access to the portal from outside and a few words about your use cases.

Why do I need IP white-list for sandbox access?

We have been working towards making the sandbox as secure as our production banking platform. Due to bank policy, we must mandate IP white-listing for anyone accessing the environment.

Is there any reference implementation or reference product that have been created using YLabs?

Two of our live products, OneCard and BlastPay are reference implementations of the YLabs stack.

These products are currently in Production and have live customers on them. 

To check out reference flows on OneCard and the corresponding YLabs APIs used for the flow, click here.(provide link of the use cases here).

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YLabs Marketplace is the digital API developer portal that empowers developers to build digital banking apps and products. It is powered by Yantra Financial Technologies, in partnership with CBW Bank.


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