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How to use your API token

If you are reading this guide, your account has been approved and you have received the welcome email. This guide explains how to use the token sent to you in your welcome email. The token defines your product uniquely and is comprised of two parts:

product_code:system-generated UUID

For eg: YLabsEntry:243086c06b74480f97c499266aea8690

The token is required for you to send API requests and also creates data separation from all other products. The token must be included in the header to send a successful API request. These are the two headers that need to be included:

Content-Type - application/json

token - YLabsEntry:243086c06b74480f97c499266aea8690

As has been mentioned in the Docs, there is an inbuilt KYC flow within the account creation flow. However, if you wish to use KYC Standalone, there is a separate set of APIs available under the Standalone KYC APIs section.

Once you have added the correct headers, including the correct token, you are all set to send your first API request.

This is a sandbox environment and so all the requests are made against a sandbox environment. There are certain restrictions on the data used in sandbox in order to simulate certain results. All the instructions and information is supplied in the documentation under the 'Reference Docs' section of this portal, corresponding to each API.

YLabs Marketplace APIs can be found here.

Standalone KYC APIs can be found here.

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