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One of our reference implementatations using YLabs APIs is called OneCard. This is a live product with several customers using it. The work flow of OneCard is based on the APIs/functionality exposed in YLabs.

OneCard is a consumer product with a debit card attached, but supports a cardless version also.

Here we explain the YLabs API flow with reference to OneCard:

Flow I: Sign Up ('Apply Now' on OneCard) - Cardless account

APIs used:

  1. Account Creation - Consumer (cardless)
  2. Enahnced KYC (this is internal to the account creation API). Only if this is a Pass, the account will be created. If it is an Out of Wallet, knowledge based questions will be presented to the customer).

Flow II: Sign up account with debit card attached

APIs used:

  1. Account Creation with Debit Card
  2. Enhanced KYC (this is internal to the account creation API). Only if this is a Pass, the account will be created. If it is an Out of Wallet, knowledge based questions will be presented to the customer).
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Flow III: Money Source - Add New Money Source (link external funding source to fund your OneCard)

APIs used:

  1. Add External Funding Source
  2. Real time account validation service called internally. If real time account validation is sucessful, external funding source is linked and validated right away and ready for transactions.
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Flow IV: Validate Money Source (challenge deposits on OneCard)

API used:

Validate External Funding Source

Flow V: Money Source - clicking on this menu dispays the list of all external funding sources linked to the OneCard account - in all the states (Validated, Not Validated, Active, Inactive)

API used:

Get External Funding Source

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Flow VI: Fund your OneCard via your linked and validated external funding source

API used:


Flow VII Withdraw - Send money from OneCard to your linked external funding source

API used


Flow VIII: Contacts - Add New Contact (non BlastPay or OneCard contact)

API used:

Add Beneficiary

Flow IX : Contact - View Details - Add New (Debit Card, OneCard, Bank Account. International Account). Validate Debit Card option is available when adding a debit card to ensure that the debit card being added is supported by the card network for instant payments

APIs used:

  1. Add payment instrument to beneficiary profile
  2. For debit card, validation happens internally to ensure that the debit card is supported by the card network for this type od transaction (instant payment)

Flow X: Send Money - select payee from drop down list

API used:

Get beneficiary - gets the list of added beneficiaries

Flow X1: Send Money - select account from drop down list

API used:

Get instrument id - gets the list of instruments attached to a given benficiary

Flow XII: Send Money - send money to the selected contact and corresponding account

API used:

Money Transfer - instrument id sent in the request determines the recipient and payment channel

Flow XIII: My Accounts - See Transaction History (by default shows transactions for the last 30 days)

API used:

Transaction History (shows transactions for any 30 days based on dates supplied in the filter)

Flow XIV: My Accounts - Available and Ledger Balances

API used:

Balance Inquiry - "layer" field describes what kind of balance it is. In the absence of cards, there will be a single balance

Flow XV: My Accounts - Add Account (currently turned off in OneCard)

API used:

Add Additional Account - you can create additional accounts. The additional accounts do not go through a KYC again because the process already took place when the primary account was created

Flow XVI: My Accounts - Order Additional Card ( limit of 5 on OneCard)

API used:

Add Card / Add Additional Card: If your account was initially created without a card, you can add the card at a later time. If you already had a card attached to your account during creation, you can add additional cards to your account.

Flow XVII: My Accounts - Order Virtual Card

API used:

Virtual Card - Issue Virtual Card

Flow XVIII: My Accounts - Get virtual card details (click on virtual card to get a one time password to your email address)

API used:

Get Card Details - in case details are required at a later time

Flow XIX: My Accounts - Change Limit (on the virtual card detials screen obtained after entering the one time password)

API used:

Change Virtual Card Limit - you can change the transaction count to limit how many times the card can be used or you can change the limit to define the per transaction max limit for the card

Flow XX: My Accounts - Virtual Card - Change status from drop down list "ACTION"

API used:

Change card status - Active cards can be changed to Temporarily Disabled or Expired on demand. A Temporarily Disabled virtual card can be changed to Active but Expired is the final state of the virtual card. By default, the card is always Valid and Active when it is issued.


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